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D.O.T. FMCSA Requires all companies with trucks weighing over 26,001 pounds

FAA: an employer that is a Part 121, Part 135 certificate holder or operators with safety sensitive positions

The DOT requires that all DOT regulated companies, including independent Owner Operators, have a Random DOT Drug and Alcohol Program in force. These programs are administered by independent third parties. A company has the choice of having an independent program (or pool) or being in a consortium with other drivers and companies. Owner Operators must be in a consortium. There must be sufficient numbers to insure “random” selection. Drumm Health Services offers both of these programs.

Drumm Health Services provides complete Drug and Alcohol Random Program Management as a C/TPA in compliance with DOT rule 49 part 40. Providing Random Selection for Individual Companies and Our Consortium, Six Month Reports, Certificate of Enrollment, Year End Statements, Post Accident Services, and Additional Support needed to comply with the DOT Drug and Alcohol Programs also provided.

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