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Paternity Testing

DNA Parentage Testing is the most innovative way to prove paternity. This is used for individuals wanting to know the father of a child and for court ordered cases. Parentage testing provides proof of paternity. DNA is the most accurate form of analysis and gives you the genetic profiles of the mother, child and alleged father. The results are based on the genetic makeup of each individual. Children inherit from their parents half of the DNA from the mother and half from the father. The results are conclusive as the result will either be zero or 99.9999.
  • All testing is admissible in court.
  • A test consists of Mother, Father, and Child when Possible.
  • A motherless test is possible if the mother is not available.
  • The guardian of the child must be present in this situation. Proof positive of guardianship must be presented at time of collection.
  • Multiple children or fathers can be tested for an additional fee.
  • If a fatherless test is needed this can be performed by using the Child, Mother of the child and 2 full siblings of the Alleged Father.
If your situation is different, contact us.

One of the following forms of ID Must be brought with you for a Paternity Test:

Legal Identification- Adults Legal Identification-Child
Drivers license Birth Certificate
Military ID Social Security Card
Passport Medicaid Card

To ensure the integrity of the chain of custody, all parties are required to bring proper ID, will be photographed and fingerprinted. All specimens are sealed and packaged for pick up in the donor’s presence. Specimens are sent over night to the laboratory. A faxed copy of the results will be sent in 3-5 working days after the samples have arrived at the lab. A notarized report of the results will be sent to the client(s), and/or attorney(s) and/or designated agency representative(s). All client relationships and results are strictly confidential. Court admissible results which are mailed to you are generally available within 15 working days after the lab received the samples. If you need overnight or 2 day results check with an associate for pricing.

Other reasons for a DNA test.
  • Person seeking inheritance rights
  • Adopted child seeking biological Parent.
  • Grandparents wanting to seek custody of grandchildren.
  • Persons seeking to identify family members such as brothers or sisters.
  • Child looking for the identity of their father
  • Immigration testing is for a person seeking entry into the United States as a blood relative of a US citizen
  • Parents wanting to see if twins are identical or fraternal
Paternity testing can be performed at anytime after the child is born. Some parents will have themselves tested before the birth and have the child tested after birth by either cord blood or buccal swab. The most common is when all three will be tested after the birth of the child by buccal swab method.
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