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Personal and Court Ordered Drug and Alcohol Testing

Part of Drumm Health Services’ vision is to help parents who want to “Trust but Verify” activities of their children through Drug & Alcohol Testing. Drumm also understands that for various reasons individuals find themselves responsible for getting tested because of a Court Order. We provide testing for all of these reasons and more.

There are several different types of testing which we can provide. If you still have questions, our staff can help you determine which test may be right for any given situation contact us.

  • Urine -  shows what is in the system Right Now, can be a 5 panel to 10 panel
  • Saliva - shows what is in the system Right Now, can test as a 5 Panel or 10 Panel
  • Hair -    shows what has been in the system. It takes about 7 to 14 days to show up in the hair
                and hair tests go back up to 90 days, depending on the length on the hair, can test as
                a 5 Panel or 10 Panel
  • Breath Alcohol Testing - shows a persons current level of alcohol in their system.
Many types of tests are listed under Non DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing. All of these tests are approved for Workplace Testing.

There are some tests that are available to individuals and Courts that are Not approved for Workplace testing.
  • 10 Panel Hair and 10 Panel Saliva tests are available to individuals.
  • Hair Segmentation Testing - This is used in some cases to determine use for an extended period of time, beyond the workplace approved 90 day period most labs perform. It is considered forensic testing. The testing can be done either with a monthly or quarterly result depending on the situation.
  • Prenatal Usage - An infants hair can be tested to determine if the mother used drugs while pregnant with the child by doing a reverse test on the child’s hair. This can only be done if the child’s hair has never been cut.
All of our Drug Test Results can be evaluated by a Medical Review Officer (MRO). This is a Medical Doctor who is specially trained to evaluate a result, speak to the donor, verify any legal Prescriptions the donor may have. If the donor has a legal prescription that shows up on a test result, the MRO will report out the result as Negative. If the result is from usage that can NOT be verified as legal usage, the result will be Positive.

Why should you choose Hair Testing?
Why should you choose Saliva Testing?
Why should you choose Urine Testing? 

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