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DOT Random Drug Testing Pool & Consortium

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If you drive a tractor trailer rig weighing over 26,001 pounds you need to be in our consortium. If you are an owner operator or if you are a company with fewer than 50 drivers and you are not in a DOT random drug testing consortium, and you do not conduct your own drug testing program you most likely will be in trouble with DOT- FMCSA. If you are FAA and operate under 14 CFR with a 119 certificate part 135 and are not in a DOT consortium you need to act now to avoid problems with FAA auditors. Also pipeline workers, railroad employees, transit employees, acting in what is know as a Safety Sensitive Position need to be a participant of a DOT drug testing program. The annual fee every calendar year is $100.00 per year, a lot less than the fines you will undoubtedly face if you haven't met this obligation.                                                                                               

Just bring your paid receipt into our office with you! Our expert staff will set up your company and explain the details.

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